Who is Victory

Serial Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer | Coach

I was serving people, whether I intended to or not.

Somewhere along the way, serving people became more
important to me than “getting clients.” I Enjoy Blogging.
I switched my intention from getting to giving.

I am a Mobile Marketing Consultant, Internet Marketer, Web Developer and CEO (SupremeWEB Solutions Limited). Since 2010, I have positioned hundreds of individuals as service providers in the Affiliate Marketing, Mobile marketing and Web Consulting niches who have been earning consistently online.

I have also helped companies/organizations to engage more customers and clients, retain them, learn more about them and sell to them using my mobile marketing strategies. Mobile is, and will continue to be, the communication platform of choice for people across the globe.

Dotcomarena Website is a resource run by me Victory Akpos, to teach you proven strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for consistent income.

The world needs visionaries, people who can, and are brave enough to, interpret the trends and innovation and share their vision of how internet will shape the world. I choose to believe I am one of these people.

Apart from my Affiliate Efforts I have engaged in the development of several Softwares such as Instapilot, Multistore Builder and a mobile marketing application(MobileX) currently serving the industries.

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