How special will you feel if people use your Facebook post as a trend and it’s gone Viral on the platform?

Yes! In case you don’t know…

…I’m talking about viral marketing.

Viral marketing is currently a hot topic on the internet. It’s all about your message getting viral by passing it from one person to another with the aim of promoting your brand, thereby boosting your business.

Typically, viral marketing is a marketing technique that is meant to boost brand awareness, on the basis of pre-existing social network like Facebook.

The concept of this marketing tactic has taken up the time of modern marketers for over a decade now. Look at companies like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Dating Websites, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.

They all share one thing in common, and that is – they are companies that went VIRAL.

These are the perfect example of viral marketing opportunities as these products get better when more people use them.

In a nutshell, viral projects maximize brand impact in minimal time. However, the challenge is this…

…For your viral marketing campaign to be successful, they have to be both share-worthy and shareable.

Now, here’s the shocker, if all you do on social media is just to share your product information, lead generating offers and links to random blog posts from the Internet and wait for the magic to happen, you’ll forever struggle for growth.

That doesn’t work – at least, not anymore.

That’s not all, apart from just posting your stuff randomly. If you also want to get more eyes on your products, your marketing costs will equally be very high because the only way you will be able to reach a bigger audience is via advertising – but if you don’t know all the tricks about ads, you’ll still lose money.

This is consequently because there’s no single social “viral” element in your marketing strategy, and that’s what’s stopping you from getting more organic traffic.

However, for your social media campaigns to really take off, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was your content easy to consume and takes less time?
  • Did it arouse the sharing impulse in your viewer?
  • Did it trigger an emotion in him?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you’d only be able to reach a few people (maybe those already close to you), and only a little portion of them because Facebook won’t show your post to a lot of individuals except it already has lots of engagement.


Mighty Memes: The Best Meme Marketing Software

Here’s the good part, if you really desire to go viral on social media, use memes. It’s as simple as that!

When it comes to going Viral on Social Media, nothing beats Memes. They are incredibly smart and irresistible. Even the people scrolling their Facebook feed at the speed of lightning, will definitely pause and look at an eye catchy meme, have a smile and then ride on.

Almost nobody spends time on textual posts anymore, and videos equally take so long to watch hence, not everyone will click on that play button either.

But Memes? Everyone must pause and take a look. If it has a significant impact, people will indeed react and share before moving on to the next thing.

This is the reason why memes should be a critical part of everyone’s marketing strategy today. Add it to your blog posts, videos, your infographics or any other type of content you serves your audience, and watch your shares, engagements, and traffic skyrockets.

Launching on August 11th, at exactly 11 am EST. Mighty Memes is a great and completely done for you marketing software that you can use to create, post, and schedule viral memes on Facebook irrespective of your business, niche or product.

Who Can Use Mighty Memes?

It does not matter what industry you’re in; you will definitely benefit hugely from this software.

  • Affiliate Marketers: As an affiliate marketer, you simply have to pick more leads and make memes of your offers to increase your engagement and conversions.
  • Social Media Marketers: You can easily maximize your fan base and reach faster with posts and fun memes that go viral quickly.
  • e-Commerce Marketers: Use Mighty Memes to enhance the memory retention of your products and brand thereby growing your fan page
  • Content Marketers: Got a new blog post? Use Mighty Memes to make it very popular. Get more viewers, and go viral.

Impressive Features of Mighty Memes

With this innovative software, you can easily:

  • Create viral memes in a matter of minutes using hundreds of ready made templates
  • Put in your offers, call to actions, pitches, and links in text together with the memes
  • Quickly post your memes on Facebook profiles, pages, and groups
  • Mighty Memes is 100 percent online SAAS – which means, you don’t have to install anything.
    You simply login and go viral…Boom!
  • You don’t need to be a graphic designing guru to use Mighty Memes. It’s straightforward and easy!
  • Get more likes, shares, and engagement with the least investment of time and effort
  • Works with multiple pages and profiles
  • 100 percent legitimate and content driven marketing tactic that gets you the best possible results

Click Here To Get Mighty Memes For $37 And Get The Most Complimentary Bonus Among Other Bonuses

According to the creators of this superb product, “by just reaching one person, you can trigger a domino effect and through his friends, and the friends of his friends, and their friends, you can reach the entire world. The correct message and one right person is all it takes to reach everyone else in the world.”

Now, that’s the beauty of social media.

Here’s the bottom line:
If you’re already creating meme marketing campaigns without Mighty Memes, you’re absolutely doing it wrong.

You don’t have to spend more time and effort in finding and putting together everything when you can simply do all the tedious works from creating memes to scheduling them right on Mighty Memes dashboard.

In case you don’t know, time is the single most valuable currency of every human, and if you’re squandering all your time trying to create and push out memes instead of focusing on the most important stuff, you’re indeed wasting an insane amount of money.

Let me tell you something again, every serious viral marketer is certainly going to want this software, and that includes your biggest competitors.

So who’s going to reap the reward first – you or your competitor? You decide!

Using Might Memes is as simple as picking a ready-made template or uploading your own, creating a meme by just typing, and simply publishing or scheduling your posts to the social network.

This is so simple that even your 9-year old son or grandma can do it in minutes.

Don’t believe me yet? Watch Mighty Memes in action below:


Don’t go yet. I have a surprise for you.

Click Here To Get Mighty Memes For $37 And Get The Most Complimentary Bonus Among Other Bonuses

Oh yes!
I have the ONLY RELEVANT Bonus Out there…

Might Memes Action Takers Bonuses

Bonus #1. Viral Campaign Builder: Are you trying to reach a certain number of click-throughs thereby growing your customer base, if yes, this product is all you need. Viral Campaign Builder will help you to entice visitors to your website easily and achieve your marketing goals.

Bonus #2. Social Media Marketing Profit Builder: This tool will let you utilize social media to help you boost brand exposure and expand your customer reach.

Bonus #3. Viral Marketing GoldMine: This is a useful guide that highlights guaranteed viral marketing concepts that will help you enchant people to do all the marketing for you while you take home all the profits. According to Robert Kiyosaki, one of the best ways to make money in life is by using other peoples time (OPT).

Bonus #4. Resellers License to FB Leads Discovery: FB Leads Discovery is a PHP script that you can install on your webserver and get free hot leads for absolutely any niche. When someone clicks on your lead ad, a form opens with the person’s contact information automatically populated, based on the information they share with Facebook, like their name and email address.

Bonus #5. WPMailer Machine: WPMailer Machine is an easy to use Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress.
Create, send and track your Newsletter Campaigns without hassle.

Complete Features List:
Track Opens, Clicks, Unsubscriptions and Bounces, Track Countries and Cities, Schedule your Campaigns, Six types of auto responders, Send your latest post to your subscribers, Use dynamic and custom Tags (placeholders), Webversion for each Newsletter, Embed Newsletter with Shortcodes, SMTP support, DomainKeys Identified Mail Support, Import and Export for Subscribers, Retina Ready etc.

Bonus #6. WhiteLabel License to WP Viral Quiz Jeet: Create awesome and Instasuite quizzes on your WP site, as Buzzfeed does, but with more features ! It’s the best and the simplest wordpress quiz plugin ever!

Bonus #7. WhiteLabel License to WP ContentSpread: This plugin enables you to boost your content reach and also improves the engagement levels of your viewers. This is done by simply locking the content at the most critical, specific points thereby forcing your viewers to share the content on their social media profile before they can access the remaining content.

There you have it all.

Frankly speaking, you can’t afford to miss Mighty Memes, you’ll definitely regret it later.

Click Here To Get Mighty Memes For $37 And Get The Most Complimentary Bonus Among Other Bonuses

Now, I’ve done my part by introducing to you this fantastic Viral Meme marketing software; it’s now left for you to decide if you want to buy it first, or allow your competitors to beat you to it. Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment below. I will be glad to hear from you and I will respond almost immediately.


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